You Can Now Buy Dr Pepper Cake At Your Grocery Store

Posted: 5:08 PM, Aug 01, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-01 18:14:22-04
You Can Now Buy Dr Pepper Cake At Your Grocery Store

The secret ingredient your cake may be missing? Soda !

You can find loads of recipes online that cover how to mix in a can of soda to your cake mix so you can achieve some dreamy pop-cake combos. (Not to be confused with cake pops!) We’re talking strawberry shortcake teamed up with vanilla creme soda, or this 7Up cake that infuses a zesty lemon-lime flavor to your dessert.

While DIYing your cake mix is fun, we were surprised to learn that a premade Dr Pepper cake actually exists in some stores.

Mind. Blown.

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Made with real Dr Pepper, the soda cake gets a spicy infusion from the beloved soft drink (which, did you know, has a blend of 23 flavors?). Café Valley Bakery makes the cake, along with some other soda-centric cakes that call in 7UP, Orange Crush and A&W Root Beer.

A news release that came out when Café Valley announced the partnership with Dr Pepper says that the cake will give consumers a “real, genuine soda taste, just as delicious as our other fun soda cake flavors.”

Café Valley Bakery

Want to find the soda cakes? Café Valley has a map of where its products are sold throughout the United States.

But, if you can’t hunt down the Dr Pepper cakes in any stores near you, we’re happy to tell you that you can still have your cake (and Dr Pepper, too), because there are oodles of recipes online for making it yourself at home . Take for instance this Cherry Dr Pepper Cake recipe that tops the frosting with maraschino cherries. Or, try this Dr Pepper Cake recipe from the She Wears Many Hats blog that expertly blends the soda into the batter.

Ready for another surprise?

Dr Pepper also has a birthday cake-flavored soda, but apparently it’s pretty exclusive, reports Yahoo.

But now we’re curious: What would cake-flavored Dr Pepper taste like in a Dr Pepper-flavored cake?

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