Single Dad Wore A Tutu To Match His Baby Daughter In An Adorable Photo Shoot

Single Dad Wore A Tutu To Match His Baby Daughter In An Adorable Photo Shoot
Posted at 3:00 PM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-13 19:49:05-05

Whoever says pink is for girls needs to check out a family photoshoot that’s going viral — not just for being super-cute but because dad Casey Fields is rocking a pink tutu, just like his baby daughter Lyla.

Fields, a single father from Texas, told Insider he hopes the pictures, taken by photographer Jenn Floyd, will show fellow dads that “it’s okay for a manly-man to put on a tutu and play with his daughter.”

You can’t beat a dad-daughter photoshoot — and this one is sweeter than most.

Fields, who agreed to the shoot after a friend tagged him on one of Floyd’s model calls on Facebook, said he was nervous initially, but soon got into the zone.

“I just put on a tutu and started interacting with Lyla and kind of forgot I was wearing it at all,” he told Insider. “She is my world, she was just having a blast like normal.”

During the shoot, Fields and Lyla colored together and ate cookies.

The doting dad even painted her tiny toenails.

“I simply wanted to do something that allowed them to interact and show the natural, loving relationship the two of them share,” Floyd told Insider. “Lyla was so sweet and just loved on her daddy, ran around, and laughed.”

Fields’ favorite photo from the shoot shows him holding Lyla in the air as she grabs his face. “That’s kind of our thing — she loves my beard,” he said.

Floyd shared the adorable photos on Facebook, writing in the caption that she “can’t get over how perfect these turned out.” She also praised Fields for showing “his most manly side — the side that isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to make memories with his daughter.”

To date, the images have been shared more than 53,000 times, which was the last thing Fields expected.

“I think people see the great amount of love I have for Lyla and that I’m willing to do anything for her, without a doubt,” he told Insider. “People see a single dad being involved with their kid and it just melts hearts.”

“I never wanted this kind of attention, I just wanted to do something for her,” he added. “The whole session was an awesome experience, and it’s something we can look back on and laugh about.”

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