Apparently, Long, Fake Toenails Are A Trend This Summer

Posted: 7:35 AM, Aug 02, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-02 08:44:22-04
Apparently, Long, Fake Toenails Are A Trend This Summer

Here’s some good advice for dealing with a peculiar beauty trend happening this summer: Look down at your own risk.

Long toenails — styled, of course — are apparently popular among certain people, and they’re posting the Instagram photos to prove it. People with the lengthy look aren’t necessarily growing out their toenails, but are having acrylic applied to get classier looks. (If classy is a way to describe long toenails.)

We’re just not sure what to think about this look, as seen in this Instagram image from @rosna_footmodel:

Obviously, you’ll have to wear open-toed shoes in order to keep your toenails looking like this. And you might need to buy bigger sizes, or else your toenails won’t have protection under them. Bumping your toes on something that will chip your paint job or tear your nail? Yuck and ugh.

Forget wearing regular shoes while you sport this look! This trend is strictly for sandals and flip-flops. Here’s another Instagram photo, from @chickshotnails, showing off these nails:

The hashtags these very extra Instagrammers are using suggest they think the look is sexy. Do you agree?

We’re struggling to find the love for this look.

If you’re going to bare your feet on social media, you’ll need something spectacular to set them off — such as really great shoes, toe jewelry or the sand of a beach. Or just a great color!

Here’s another example, from Instagrammer @ms_hawaiiansoles10. This one is bright, to add another layer of drama:


Long toenails need to be acrylic in order to prevent poor health issues letting the real nails grow can cause. People who don’t cut their toenails to a normal length will often experience toe pain because they can dig into the skin. You might also experience fungus growth .

Additionally, long nails can make it harder to exercise . Can you imagine running with these things ?

Make sure you keep your toenails at just the right length for health purposes. If you’re going long, go acrylic. Acrylic toenails can last up to two weeks, so it would be worth your while if you’re going to spend on this trend.

And of course, you can always get fill-ins.

Good luck to anyone who will share a bed with someone sporting long toenails! These nails, shared by @doctrograngran, look dangerous.

All we can say is OUCH!


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